Hello Pawgeous Parents and Pets,


My Pawgeous Parent is making it her aim to update dog owners (like you) on the law of collars and dog tags.


Did you know that under the Control of Dogs Order 1992 that us pooches should wear a collar with a tag on it? No, well neither did I!


Rocco’s response was ‘But, I’m microchipped’. (I hear this one a lot.)

Did you also know that the microchipping law does not come into play until 2016?


Rocco alarmingly asked me ‘So, what should be on this ‘tag’ then?’

‘Well, Rocco you should have the following information:

  • Your owner’s name – surname is best and will be sufficient enough
  • Your full address including postcode – the first line of your address and the postcode work well
  • Contact number – a contact number is advisable but is surprisingly not part of the law.’


‘Thank you for the information, I shall be sure to let my owner know. But you forgot the most important part, my name. Rocco should be in big capital letters.’ Rocco stated proudly.

‘No, no and NO! DO NOT put your own doggy name on the tag. This is because there is a rise in dog thefts and if someone calls your name then you will probably think that you know them and wonder off with a total stranger.


Pawgeous Pooches now sell vet standard pet tags and would be happy to help you with any queries.


Let’s help keep each other safe.




Pawgeous Pooch Patrol